About us

Who we are

Raja is a feel-good clothing company inspired by positive vibrations and conscious living. We are on a mission to provide style and comfort as sustainably as possible. 

Environmental Initiatives

  • We pledge 1% of our revenue towards environmental initiatives
  • We use only recycled packaging and sustainably made materials
  • We offer carbon-neutral offsets for all orders at checkout

Positive Messaging

We believe kindness is contagious and our products are a reminder that we can create a better future with daily acts of kindness and gratitude.

Affordable Comfort

Making all our products accessible and affordable to as many people as possible will ensure that our positive impact reaches far and wide.

"Always brings a smile to my face, I want our clothing to have the same effect on people"

Steve Hart - Founder

What We Stand For


Tireless work for our yoga community is our legacy.


Raja prioritizes customer experience, product quality, and environmental impact.


Our customers know us for feeling good. Our positive messaging and eco-conscious focus gives them confidence that our values are aligned.


Connect our customers with the mission-driven purpose of spreading positive vibes. Small footprint and big impact